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Health Care Management

While Doctors are busy handling patients, business functions of a hospital cannot wait. Hence, all theadministrative functions of a hospital like accounts, HR, Quality, Logistics and Supply Chain, PR, Marketing, Waste Management etc., are being managed by professional health care managers altogether. This growth of Health care management has triggered the demand for qualified managers offering enhanced career opportunities for professionally qualified health care managers. This program is ideal for Medical/Para Medical professional like Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacologists, Nurses, physiotherapists, Lab Technicians, Bio-technologists etc., who are not very keen to pursue clinical/lab work but are interested in taking up leaderships roles in Health Care Management and hospital Administration. This course is also suitable for those who are in the process of inheriting or taking over a family owned hospital or laboratory or aspiring to start a Health care business of their own. The Main objective of this program is to create successful Health care Entrepreneurs, CEOs, COOs etc.

Healthcare management particularly covers the following core subject:

  • Healthcare planning.

  • Business management.

  • Human resources management.

  • Healthcare systems operations.

  • Hospital organization.

  • Accounting and budgeting.

  • Health economics.

  • Health information systems and healthcare policy

  • Career opportunities available to people with an MBA in Healthcare include:

  • Hospital Administrator.

  • Pharmaceutical Project Manager.

  • Policy Analyst or Researcher.

  • Health Services Managers and Administrators.

  • Medical Entrepreneurship.

  • Visual merchandiser