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Why should u study Marketing?

You'll learn to listen. Marketers are constantly listening and looking for ways to maximize opportunities, leverage and connect with people. As a student you'll be trained in customer analysis, focus groups and audience alignment. You'll start to listen to what your stakeholders want and that's a good thing because you'll know what exactly the customers want. By listening to the interests of consumers and being a good listener you'll be able to make better decisions. Marketing is all about figuring out how to reach and communicate with various audiences, good marketers are constantly dealing with the various audience, good marketers are constantly dealing with different types of people. You'll learn how to read people and understand those needs and want and that will help you communicate effectively with other managers, team members. You'll learn to be creative about who you can target, how you can reach them i.e, the consumers and how to do more with less and this would ultimately help you turn into an effective marketer. By studying marketing, you'll learn about advertising, branding, internet, psychology, product, strategy and advertising. Since everything is getting technical, the demand for digital marketing has driven up. By pursuing an MBA in marketing management you'll be taught about sales, marketing fields, executive and leadership management skills, marketing strategies, product management, market research and consumer trends also you'll be able to identify the market choice through analysis of demand, competition and everything related to economics.

Marketing management particularly covers the following core subject:

  • Marketing Management

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Operations Management

  • Marketing Channels Strategies

  • Sales & Distribution Management

  • Advertising & Sales Promotion

  • Consumer and Brand Insight Strategy

  • Digital Marketing

  • Market Research

  • Forecasting, Modeling, and Marketing Strategy

  • New product strategy, branding and marketing

  • International and multi-national marketing

  • Sales Force Management

  • Career opportunities

  • Marketing manager

  • Brand manager

  • Market research analyst

  • Sales Manager

  • Digital marketing manager

  • Product Manager