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Retail Management

MBA in retail management is concerned with the latest concepts and practices regarding functional areas of management. Retail is single step interaction in small quantities between buyer and seller in the form of exchange of goods. Retail sector is booming in India. With the emergence of E-Commerce sector, this growth is expected to carry on at a healthy rate! In short, retail management has got immense scope in India and has high demand in abroad. It helps students develop analytical skills to identify national and international business opportuinities and conditions for access in potential markets.

MBA in retail management particularly covers the following core subject:

  • Store management

  • Operations management

  • Advertising

  • Customer service

  • Sales management

  • Logistics management

  • Finance

  • Accounting

  • Career opportunities available to people with an MBA in retail management include:

  • Floor manager

  • ITC Retails

  • Retail buyer and manager

  • Marketing executive

  • Inventory manager

  • Visual merchandiser