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Travel and Tourism Management

This MBA course focuses on disciplines such as travel, tourism and hospitality management. In a world full of passionate people, every one in five loves travelling and this is why travel and tourism is high in demand. It helps students in learning communication skills, management skills, hospitality and event management. This course introduces travel and tourism both as industry and academic discipline. It teaches about products , structures and operations within the tourism industry and also about how to have a friendly personality, i.e. ability to handle people, verbal fluency, and apptitude for languages that will be advantageous to be successful in the field.

MBA in travel and tourism management particularly covers the following core subject:

  • Information technology for tourism

  • Tourism concept and impact

  • Tourism marketing

  • Customer service

  • Travel agent management

  • Business communication

  • Transport management

  • Export –Import policy and documentation

  • Career opportunities available to people with an MBA in travel and tourism management include:

  • Tourist guide

  • Travel agent

  • Operations executive

  • Transport officer

  • Visa executive

  • Travel executive