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Consulting Management

MBA in Consulting Management is fairly unique in itself. While the other MBA programmes i.e. Marketing, Finance, HR cover the full range of business-management skills, the Consulting Management stream finishes with courses designed to build consulting skills and introduce a range of "hot topics" leading-edge consultants should be familiar with, like AI, Blockchain, Change Management, M&A, and more. In short, in the Consulting Management programme, students jump-start their professional consulting careers, equipping themselves to lead not just one business, but many.

MBA in consulting management particularly covers the following core subject:

  • Consulting and people skills

  • managing people and organisation

  • consultancy practice

  • prjoect management

  • Sales management

  • business process analysis

  • leadership and managing change

    Career opportunities available to people with an MBA in Healthcare include:

  • Generalist

  • Strategy Consultants

  • Human Resource Consultants

  • Information Technology Consultants

  • Financial Consultants

  • Outsourcing Consultants