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Operations Management

All business need Operations Management in order to function. Its the operations management that is one of the main reason for the existence of any organization. It is a specialised field that facilities the process of delivery value to the end customer by improving productivity, quality, cost and turnaround time. It includes inventory management, vendor management, purchase management and enterprise resource planning (ERP), all of which facilitates the seamless running of a company's supply chain. An MBA in Operations management teaches students to effectively manage the processes behind the successful production and distribution to sales outlets. The fact that Operations roles are currently in demand also add to their appeal. You as a student will get to learn and understand the interaction of Operations management with other functional areas. Operations being one of the most crucial functions gives you more job opportunities in all the sectors be it private or public. Operations management puts MBA's into close contact with new technology whether you work in a hospital or on the factory floor, an operations manager often ends up using technology to solve problems. The students are dressed to tackle planning, Development and implementation and tribulations that their organization might confront. MBA operations management offers many career opportunities after its successful passing.

Operations management particularly will cover the following core topics:

  • Statistics for management

  • Economic analysis for business

  • Organizational behavior

  • Employee legislation

  • Industrial relations management

  • Production and Operations Manageme

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Product design and development

  • Career opportunities

  • Operations manager

  • Plant Manager

  • Process manager

  • Supply Chain Program Manager

  • >General Operations Manager

  • Area Operations Manager

  • Technical Operations Manager